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Legal Disclaimer

Due to the nature of the samples and loops contained within the "Artist Series" pack, the sounds are not royalty free, and should be used at your own risk. We recommend using the included one-shots to create your own patterns and beats. If using any loops contained within the pack, we recommend re-sampling, adding effects, time stretching, remixing, or any other forms of processing to make them your own. All loops that are included within the pack are included solely for educational and "learning" purposes, so you can hear the examples of beats and patterns used in popular songs, and use these as inspiration to create your own beats and patterns.

Any loops from the “loop” folders should be used for inspiration/reference purposes only, as these loops are the same rhythms and/or tempos as the drums/percussion sounds from the original songs. It is recommended that you use the included sounds and samples to create your own loops and rhythms. If you decide to use any of the loops in your final track, you agree to use these loops at your own risk and understand that we are not responsible for any legal issues or copyright infringement that may result.

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