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Getting your music mixed and mastered at a recording studio can be expensive and inconvenient. Using “instant mastering” services can be just as expensive – and they often use the same algorithm for every song people upload. They also don’t offer revisions, or the ability to make your track sound like what you want. They often just make your track louder and more compressed, but don’t change the dynamic range or give you a clean, true professional sound. Using a professional audio engineer gives you an advantage over everyone else and lets your track stand out from the rest.

The solution is Online Mixing and Mastering, done by real human beings. We deliver industry quality results, free revisions, very affordable rates and a satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy with the product until you are. We cater to all styles of music from acoustic and rock, to hip-hop and EDM.

What is Mixing & Mastering? (and why you need it)

Mixing and Mastering are very different processes in the audio industry, but both are essential for having a professional, great sounding, radio ready track. Typically, mixing is the first step which involves using EQ, compression, balancing volume levels and panning, pitch and timing correction, adding effects like reverb and delay, and combining the different sounds from your track into a single, polished mix.

After the mixing process, the mastering stage begins. This involves using audio analysis, dynamic EQ, compression and limiting, spectral shaping, imaging, increasing dynamic range and more to make sure your track is radio ready and sounds great when played across many different kinds of audio devices – whether it’s car speakers, headphones or, of course, AirPods.

Mastering also includes making sure your track fits in with the rest of your tracks (especially when releasing an album), so that everything is played at the same level and provides a sense of flow and consistency between all of the songs. We believe that no song should be released without professional mixing and mastering – which is why we’ve made it incredibly easy, fast, and affordable for everyone.

What Makes Us Different?

With over 10 years experience as well as professional equipment, software, certified audio engineers and both analog and digital gear – we’re sure to make sure your track stands out and gets noticed. But what makes us different from everyone else?


Want your track to sound like your favorite artist, song, or another track that you already produced? Just provide a reference track and we will use dynamic analysis and EQ Matching to get the perfect sound. SoundAlike is included free with mastering packages.

Transparent Pitch Correction

One of the features included with our mixing packages is vocal pitch correction. You are probably familiar with AutoTune, used in most of today’s pop and hip-hop music. While we do offer this as an option for your track (if that’s something you want), we also offer completely transparent pitch correction with Melodyne – this keeps the natural sound of your voice, while making sure you hit every note perfectly, and with zero noticeable artifacts.


Are there “nasaly” sounds in your vocal track? With ToneAssist, we remove the nasal sounds from your voice, making it sound brighter, cleaner and more professional – while keeping the natural sound of your voice, and with zero digital artifacts. Included with mixing packages.

Analog & Digital Gear

Unlike many mastering services, we are not limited to using only software for mixing and mastering your track. By using a combination of both technologies, our unique mixing and mastering process will make sure your track stands out from the rest.

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